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Working with Radio Buttons in Netlify and Gatsby

I recently ran into an issue with Netlify form submissions on a Gatsby site. Specifically, it had to do with a group of radio buttons. I was using Bootsrap, and just used the example code as a starting point to build my form. However, I noticed that my results for that field were not saving correctly.

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Create a Lead Generation Form on Netlify

I recently needed to help a client create lead generation forms on their website. The website was already in development, and was completely static. Because the site was static, I recommended they host with Netlify. I also made this recommendation because Netlify can store form submissions.

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Configure Cloudflare DNS to Work with Netlify

I just migrated my site to Netlify but wanted to keep my DNS with Cloudflare. Below are the steps needed to configure Cloudflare DNS to Work with Netlify.

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Redirect Domain Aliases to Your Primary Domain With Gatsby and Netlify

I recently redeveloped my website using Gatsby, and moved my hosting to Netlify. As part of the launch I wanted to redirect all requests from to my new domain.

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