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Dynamically Link to Each Month In Drupal's Calendar

Drupal’s Calendar module allows you to page between months. However, it can be frustrating for a user to have to page several months in either direction if they know what month they want to view. For example, if the current month is June but a user wants to see upcoming events in December, they would need to click through 5 times. In this tutorial, we are going to solve this problem by creating a menu where each menu item will link to each month. As an added bonus, we will make sure that the menu updates annually by using Menu Tokens.

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Display a Calendar On Taxonomy Pages In Drupal

Let’s say you have a content type with a date field and term reference field. This content type could be specifically for events. Because of this, you most likely would like to display this content type in a calendar format. Luckily, Drupal’s Calendar module does just that. However, if a user were to visit any of the term pages associated with that content type, they would simply get a list of content by default.

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Create a List Tab For Drupal Calendar

Drupal’s Calendar module allows an easy way for site builders to display events in a month, week day and year format right out of the box. However, I recently needed to add an additional tab to the view display to list all upcoming events.

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