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In Defense of WordPress

WordPress is said to power 35% of the internet, yet it seems to get a lot of criticism amongst developers. I’ve been developing with WordPress for roughly 5 years and can empathize with many of the critiques. However, I think that most of the complaints can be attributed to misconceptions and bad first impressions. WordPress is just another technology, and is only as good as the developer it’s used by.

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Why I Think Rails is Still Relevant in 2019

There is currently a high demand for Javascript developers, which in turn dictates the content and curriculum of many tutorials, articles and Boot Camps. Therefore, if you’re new to web development or maybe strictly just a front end web developer, you probably don’t hear a lot about Ruby on Rails these days. I’m here to make a case that Rails is still a very relevant tool in 2019, and should not be overlooked when starting a new project.

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Unpopular Opinion: WordPress Should Be the First Choice When Building a Website That Won't Be Maintained by a Developer or Agency

I know this article seems like clickbait, so let me try and explain myself before I lose you. In order to understand my viewpoint, it helps to know that I don’t think WordPress is the right tool for the job all the time. Rather, I think it’s the right tool for the job under specific circumstances. It just so happens that for the type of work I do, these specific circumstances are very common. I work for an agency which builds small to medium sized websites that will eventually be handed off to the client.

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