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Make URL Patterns Match Menu Position in Drupal

Drupal’s Pathauto is a must have for any Drupal project. This tutorial will demonstrate a simple yet effective way to utilize Pathauto to create custom URL patterns that match the node’s menu position.

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Drupal Leaflet Not Working [Solved]

The Leaflet Module for Drupal is probably the most popular mapping module. I was recently working on a project where I was mapping locations and displaying them on a Leaflet map both as a field formatter display and a views attachment. However, I was running into two problems:

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Install Drupal with drush

Last week I wrote an article about how to use the command line. Now we’re going to put this knowledge to use. Using drush you can set up a fresh Drupal install in seconds.

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How to Easily Change Directories In Terminal

I used to be terrified of the command line terminal. I’m a visual learner, and the command line is the exact opposite of visual. Plus, I’m a front end developer. My thought was that I didn’t need to use the command line since all I’m doing is editing HTML, CSS and jQuery.

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